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Grandfather Clock

David Lorefice, a master Clockmaker with over 50 years of experience, specializes in repairing and restoring antique watches and grandfather clocks at his Vertolli Jewellers shop in Barrie, Ontario. David's father owned and operated several jewelry stores in Toronto and was a master clock repair specialist himself.


Following in his father's footsteps, David has been repairing antique watches and clocks for over five decades. His retail store and fully-equipped watch & clock repair shop operated successfully at the same location in Barrie from 1995 until it closed in 2020. David now works exclusively from his private workshop, servicing customers right across Canada for watch repair and within a 50km radius for clock repair. He offers free house calls for grandfather clock repairs. No matter if your grandfather clock is completely broken or simply isn't keeping time properly, David can certainly service it for you and provides free estimates.

NOTE: David can repair any grandfather clock providing it does not have wooden teeth or wheels. David also does not service the inexpensive clocks from South Korea as well as products from Airguide Instruments.

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