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Reviews ★★★★★

Mary Liz Coleman-Hoffmann★★★★★
David repaired my grandfather clock and it is now working beautifully. I'm so lucky to have found this very talented man and highly recommend him.  Clarksburg, Ontario


boob4462 ★★★★★
This place fixed my watch and the first place I took it to said they couldnt do it. Vertolli is excellent and the owner is incredibly friendly and professional.


tracepaul744633 ★★★★★
I would highly recommend visiting this gem of a place. Beautiful jewelry reasonably priced & a delightful owner who provides wonderful customer service.


greg6409 ★★★★★
Great service at an economical price. Very helpful with my requirements. Won’t hesitate to use them again.


john031221701 ★★★★★
David, the owner-operator repaired an antique clock for me. He worked on it until it ran perfectly. He stands behind his work and charges very fairly for his time. I have, and will use him on any clock or jewelry repair. He is a very nice person to deal with.


anonpjyp ★★★★★
I have had numerous pieces fixed and have bought pieces here. David is a very talented jeweler but more that that he is a gentleman who still believes in old fashion values. I would go no where else.


David & Lynne Cousens ★★★★★
My family are so appreciative of this gentleman.  He is so proficient with repairing our Grandmother clock and my sentimental clock from Holland.  He is efficient, punctual and so knowledgable.  We have recommended David to our friends and family.  He travels to our home which is not in Barrie and we are so grateful to know and recommend this wonderful jeweller.  We caused a concern with our Grandmother clock and David came to our home free of charge and fixed our mistake in handling our clock.


Cindy Martin ★★★★★
Excellent service!!


Emmanuel Thuillier ★★★★★


Joan Williams ★★★★★
David repaired my parents grandfather clock and a 150 year old mantle clock for us and did a wonderful job.  There a very few who do this work anymore and we were grateful for this terrific craftsman.


Connell Smith ★★★★★
I was extremely pleased with the repairs and servicing that David performed on our grandfather clock - it’s a real pleasure to have it ticking away properly again. I would definitely call David again for a watch or clock repair.


Mark Kask ★★★★★
Very friendly,quick, accommodating service


Deirdre Hale ★★★★★
David is a true gentleman. He attended our home to fix our Grandfather Clock and was a pleasure to deal with. He gave us so much helpful information; and the history on our clock as well. His pricing is extremely fair and he is a true old school professional. We would highly recommend him for all of your clock repair needs!


Jake Arnold ★★★★★
We have been very satisfied with Davids service and follow up. He did need to return about a year after his first service and did so without hesitation. I have to recommend him without reservation.


Anne Lee ★★★★★
Thank you, for your help re my wall clock, today.


Michael Murphy ★★★★★

David came out to our home and diagnosed our problem. After thoroughly checking the Grandfather Clock he diagnosed the problem. He said he could repair after getting the needed parts. He was very well organized and carefully wrapped the clock parts that he needed to repair the clock and thoroughly cleaned it. Very Professional and Meticulous. Highly Recommend!!!!


Patrice Longchamps ★★★★★

I sent my 1968 Omega Seamaster 120 to David for a repair and a complete service.  I got my watch back home today Yeah !!!  I have to say that I got a really good service from Vertolli and David make a fantastic job on my watch!!

In these days it is really rare and hard  to find a good watch repair person. I found him on the internet and I decided to call.  Right up the first call David makes you feel comfortable and the communication is very easy. During the entire process David keep me posted about the work progress.  David possesses extensive knowledges of mechanical watches and for sure he knows his stuff!!!  I highly recommend is service!!!

Thanks again !



Rick Fisher ★★★★★

David during these times when there are a lot of dishonest people out there you were a breath of fresh air to me . You fixed my watch and delivered the finished watch to me as promised . My Rolex oyster Perpetual although it is over 50 years old has had new life breathed into it . It's gorgeous. You quoted me a price and that's what you charged me . The business word needs more people like you . You were a pleasure to deal with and your craftmanship is stellar. Sincerely Rick Fisher.


Jake Arnold ★★★★★

We have been very satisfied with Davids service and follow up. He did need to return about a year after his first service and did so without hesitation. I have to recommend him without reservation.


Deirdre Hale ★★★★★

David is a true gentleman. He attended our home to fix our Grandfather Clock and was a pleasure to deal with. He gave us so much helpful information; and the history on our clock as well. His pricing is extremely fair and he is a true old school professional. We would highly recommend him for all of your clock repair needs!


Mark Kask ★★★★★

Very friendly, quick, accommodating service.


Joan Williams ★★★★★

David repaired my parents grandfather clock and a 150 year old mantle clock for us and did a wonderful job.  There a very few who do this work anymore and we were grateful for this terrific craftsman.


Connell Smith ★★★★★

I was extremely pleased with the repairs and servicing that David performed on our grandfather clock - it’s a real pleasure to have it ticking away properly again. I would definitely call David again for a watch or clock repair.


Curtis Hnatiuk ★★★★★

A great place to deal with and a true artist when it comes to repairing and customer service. I'll be sending everything to him. My dads pocket watch looks and runs better than new. Thanks for everything. I had taken it to a so called professional in Winnipeg. It worked for 2 days. Called David and he said "send it to me, if I can't fix it then I'll send it back at no charge ". The professional in Winnipeg didn't notice the broken mainspring, still charged for cleaning and oiling though. Exceptional work and very professional service and treatment from David. I'll be sending all of my watches to him.


Bernie H. (via the BBB) ★★★★★

I have a swiss watch purchased in 1956. I loved it. It needed some cleaning and adjustments. I was very scared to hand over to anyone who claimed to be a super-duper person in jewellery.

After checking around and asking many jewellers here in Calgary and browsing the internet, I decided to contact Mr. David L. of Vertolli Jewellers in Barrie, ON. and explained to him how valuable my watch is.

He was truly a gentleman by all means and found out that his service is quite amazing and professional.

After a month, I got my watch and it runs like a "Gazelle" : beautiful, elegant, sharp, cleaned and blessed. I can scream of joy to have my watch as working perfectly well....It is indeed a service beyond me. Congratulations, Mr. Lorefice


Margaret Adolphe ★★★★★

Thank you David for your excellent job in restoring our Grandfather Clock. It is so good to have it chime again. We appreciate your work, experience and timely manner. Thanks again. Margaret and Ken Adolphe


Kim Rusch ★★★★★

Very happy with the service I received from David. I did not know anything about my clock but he was kind enough to inform me of everything I needed to know about my "Gingerbread Clock" and gave me the information needed to keep it going. Could not be happier with the service and the extra knowledge.


David Smith ★★★★★

Purchased Silver service for expensive ladies Omega gold and diamond watch. Watch was not working.David cleaned, serviced and replaced the watch movement. On time and at the advertised price; a rare achievement in this day and age. My wife is delighted to have her beautiful watch back, looking and working great. Fantastic job. A real value for the price paid. I highly recommend the service provided by Vertolli Jewellers.


Massimo Giovannetti ★★★★★

David is fantastic! On time, clear instructions and very honest. The clock is magical with beautiful bells restored to perfection. Would highly recommend him.


Don ★★★★★

David has rebuilt one 1880 clock for me and found and installed 1880 works in another. I am more than pleased with David's work. This man is a true craftsman who takes his time to do an excellent job of which we could both be proud.


John Ritson ★★★★★

Just a quick word here re Vertolli Jewellers, who specialize in vintage jewellery in addition to watch and clock repair.I have an old English grandfather clock, circa 1830s model, and ,as it is 'old school' technology, it does require a little nurturing from time to time. I have had it serviced on several occasions over the years by David , owner of Vertolli, and I must say I have been impressed with the service I have received. David is an expert at what he does, and ,in addition to certification in college, he learned the trade hands-on from his father. He is polite, cordial, punctual, and meticulous in his work. His work is guaranteed,and if a problem should arise, he will be there promptly. And take care of it. All fixed. On one occasion he even fixed an old teddy bear I'd had for 50 years, whereby one would pull a chord and an internal music box would play Brahms' lullaby. I would recommend David's work to anyone in possession of old clock mechanisms.


Rob Alexander ★★★★★

David did an excellent job servicing my 40+ year old watch. It looks brand new. Servicing was done right on time and for the exact price quoted. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for first-class workmanship at a reasonable price!


Jordan D ★★★★★

I brought David my great grandfathers Tudor wrist watch one day to see what it would cost to be restored (it was very rough). I had already gotten a quote for the watch elsewhere and it was much more than i was looking to spend (over $500 + tax). I decided to put the watch in a box until i found somewhere else to get it done. Until i found Vertolli. David was less than half the price. This worried me at first because you always think that you get what you pay for. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. I talked to David about the watches i had (im no expert) but i knew instantly that this guy was brilliant. I picked the watch up today and it is STUNNING. He was even able to make the original crown work, therefore keeping it as original as can be. I will absolutely be a returning customer


Brian Veall ★★★★★

Some fifteen months ago we asked Mr. David Lorefice at Barrie Vertolli to repair a defunct antique (ca. 120 year-old heirloom) Junghans wall-clock. It was a long job, requiring virtually all machined bearings to be replaced, but well worth the wait. However, as we live some distance from Barrie, it's quite possible the journey in our car from there to our home caused a slight misalignment,. We called David who took the time to drive up to our home and correct the problem! It has kept next to perfect time ever since - quite an achievement for such a venerable timepiece.

Thank you, David, for your courteous service, superb craftsmanship and concerned aftercare! We won't hesitate to recommend Vertolli to anybody needing repair to a timepiece, big or small.


John Clarke ★★★★★

I ordered the Flat-Rate Watch Repair from Vertolli Jewellers for my 70+ year old Vintage Rolex watch, online, it was so easy to order, the free prepaid shipping box arrived a few days later, I followed the instructions and within 4 weeks my watch was returned to me. The watch looks as good as new and working perfectly.
I would be happy to recommend Vertolli Jewellers to my family and friends.
Thank you, David Lorefice for keeping me informed though out the whole process.


Fred Lapointe ★★★★★

A true craftsman!! Had a couple nice watches serviced, which other jewellers failed to repair properly. From service, to quality, to expertise, to satisfaction, Vertolli Jewellers is the only jeweller and watch/clock service I have come to trust. Without a doubt folks, you won't be disappointed with Vertolli Jewellers. And such a nice man, old school charm, a man of his word, it's always a pleasure to deal with David. Online service for watch repair is so simple, he provides you with postage paid packing material via Canada Post; can't get easier than that. I look forward to doing my Christmas shopping online with Vertolli's because you can't beat the quality, assurance, price, honesty. Well done David! And Thank You.


John McLean ★★★★★

I am so happy to have found Vertolli Jewellers! David is absolutely amazing, a true professional. I acquired a family heirloom ring that was damaged. I took it in to David and he sized, repaired, cleaned and polished it. I could not be happier with the results. It truly will be a treasured heirloom to be passed down for generations. From the moment I walked in the door, I was taken by his old school professionalism. I now plan to go back with another piece. I 100% would recommend Vertolli Jewellers to anyone.
Thank you David.


Lori Brand ★★★★★

Once again I have the sound of my late husbands family 100 year old clock chiming thanks to David. David was the ultimate professional, arrived when he said he would, delivered the repaired clock when he said he would and within budget he quoted. This gentleman knows his clocks and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you David for giving me back a piece of something I was missing.


Barry Vale ★★★★★

Good service, on time. Professional. Mail-in service is a great idea. Hard to find people with experience in repair of antique pocket watches but David has lots of experience in this field. Many thanks David.


Elizabeth ★★★★★

David is professional and courteous. He has exceptional knowledge repairing antique clocks. He repaired a 180 year old grandfather clock that had stored for several years. His expertise in repairing and replacing all of the necessary parts showed the years of experience David has. He delivered the clock on the date promised. We are very happy that we found David! Thank you.


Kevin Watts ★★★★★

David is very professional with the task at hand. With respect and care he removed the clockworks from my grandfather clock to transport back to his shop. Upon the return of my repaired clockworks the same care was given in the installation of the clockworks back in the grandfather clock's body. A great job done! Two thumbs up!! I would highly recommend David's services.


David Wells ★★★★★

David recently repaired my Rolex with excellent service. About a month later, it stopped working….found out that it was a part that wouldn’t be included in regular service. Nevertheless, David took the watch back, replaced the part and sent me on my way no charge. Totally recommended!


Laurel Flieger ★★★★★

Highly recommend! David saved my treasured Gustav Becker clock. I always considered my clock the heartbeat of our home. A couple of months before we moved to our new home, my treasured clock stopped. With the old school knowledge required and COVID restrictions, I was at a loss as to what to do. Not many people still do the intricate and valuable work involved in fixing these pieces of history. Not only did David fix it, he gave me a little history on the clock and proper ways of maintaining it, all with a lovely sense of humour. A total gentleman and professional!


Kurt Marion ★★★★★

David was extremely professional and knowledgeable of my vintage Omega watch. He completed the work on time, for a fair price and it's performing like new. They don't make people like David anymore, old world customer service!


Don Watson ★★★★★

David came to our home with no guarantees, but through hard work and the old school know how, we can not say enough about the work David did. Our grandfather clock has been in our family for 28 years and we would of missed it after buying the clock at the house of a thousand clocks in Germany. Thank you David for being there in our time of need. You are a blessing.

Don and Theresa Watson


Simon Verreault ★★★★★

David, I really want to thank you for the amazing work you did on my 125 year old Hamilton pocket watch. Restoration and cleaning were perfect and it is now back to life and keeping time better than I expected!! Thank you for the excellent communication, you took lots of time to keep me informed on the process. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anybody looking for expert work. I am so pleased with my heirloom now. You made a happy man!! Thanks again Simon


Mercy A (via the BBB) ★★★★★

I found this Jeweller accidentally through a random google search for an item . I ended up buying a 14K earring and pendant set online. Just when I was starting to worry today that I may have made a bad online purchase, there it was in my mailbox ! Still a little skeptical, I carefully opened the box and peeped in and there it was... it was beautiful exactly as described and came with the original appraisal report! I'm very happy with my purchase. I will still go do my own appraisal just to satisfy the skeptic in me. Overall, I'm satisfied with my buy. Thank you!!


Chris Malcolm ★★★★★
I purchased a 58 year-old Omega Seamaster, and wanted a Canadian location for service. After searching, I found David, at Vertolli Jewelers. I sent him several emails with photos, and we spoke on the phone a couple of times. David is so welcoming and pleasant, and his many years of experience servicing watches shows when speaking to him, or communicating via email. I had concerns regarding the authenticity of the seconds hand. David, having spent several years working in the service department of Omega, assured me that the seconds hand on the watch was indeed authentic, as he had seen and worked on several watches with the same hand. David's process for submission of the watch is very smooth and easy. The (very good) pricing is clearly laid out on his website. Each level of repair is laid out, and is a fixed price. There are no extra charges no matter how much work must be done, or how many parts are replaced. You can't beat that anywhere! Once the watch was in David's hands, he communicated regularly with me on his progress. When the watch was ready, he let me know, and that it would be shipped out shortly.

The watch arrived well-packaged, and with two spring bars, a nice touch. The watch itself looked fantastic! The crown was winding freely, the gold-plated case was cleaned of all the accumulated grunge that 58 years will bring. David performed a very light polish of the case to preserve the lines of the case. This resulted in what I had asked for: removal of light scratches, leaving the lines of the case edges sharp, and brighten up the gold. The watch showed no signs of having been serviced when I purchased it. Now, it has been completely disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, lubricated, and regulated. It is running flawlessly, and is covered by a one-year warranty on the work done. David, thank you for the excellent service! It has been a pleasure working with you. I will be having all of my other watches serviced by you in the future! I could not be more satisfied with your work, and really appreciated you welcoming personality and professional knowledge.


Jacq Jacq ★★★★★
I cannot say enough about David and his exceptional work. I had a cobbled together grandfather clock that my great-grandfather had made when money was meager ... David fearlessly took on the challenge, and brought back a beautiful working machine that he had breathed new life into. His attention to detail and his art of instruction are out of this world. I'm eternally grateful. He also fixed a ring for me that had been my grandmothers ... equally and exquisite job. Thank you, David.


Peggy Milne ★★★★★
I recently inherited a beautiful antique grandfather clock that needed some love and attention. David's company is a local antique clock specialist (how lucky we are!) and he came to the house, gave me a few options, and ultimately, I decided to have him do a complete service and restoration. What a difference it has made! The clock runs beautifully, on time, and the chimes are lovely and clear again. David is a true professional, and really knows his stuff. He understands the history and mechanics of antiques and took great care to restore our clock. I would highly recommend his work.


Dr. Ian Johnson ★★★★★
David, I am writing to express how pleased we are with the expert work you have done for us in repairing my Rolex watch and our table clock. In both cases they are working beautifully and the detailed cleaning you did has restored them to new condition. We are so happy with your work that we would be okay with you using our comments as an endorsement on your web page should you chose to do so. Thank you again for your excellent craftsmanship and more than fair pricing.


Ron Lehman ★★★★★
For over 50 years I have never found a better watchmaking repair person than David. He has repaired two Omega watches for me. One is a mechanical Automatic the other is windup. The first one was brought new from Switzerland in 1952 and is now 67 years old and keeps perfect time, as does the windup that probably is older than the 1952 Omega. David has repaired both and has done a remarkable, journeyman job of keeping my antique watches in new running condition, all at reasonable cost. His mail-in service is first rate and works better than going to the watch-repair store. I highly recommend his services to anyone needing a watch repaired.


Michael Procher ★★★★★
David, one frequently complains, sometimes justified and sometimes about the most minor thing, but far too infrequently do we recognize a job well done. I brought my Seiko 5 watch to you sometime after the new year and you gave me a quote and offered a 5 year warranty on your work. I understand that there was an issue sourcing the right parts for this gem but you did deliver it as promised. I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding service you provided to me. Besides keeping me posted on a regular basis, you did indeed, return my watch and it now keeps perfect time and all features are working. You are to be commended for the high degree of professionalism you displayed when dealing with me. Sad to say, but society would be in a much better place if every merchant and craftsman would follow your example. Thank you!


William G ★★★★★

I recently purchased a ring from Vertolli Jewellers as an anniversary gift for my wife. It was the first time I had been in this store. Service was prompt, courteous, informative, and very attentive, I believe that I received good value for the price paid and my wife was quite pleased with the ring. I would definitely return to Vertolli Jewellers the next time I am shopping for a special gift for my wife.


John H. ★★★★★

David fixed my grandfather clock. He came to my home, diagnosed the problem, told me when it would be repaired and the cost of the repairs. Everything was done on time and to my satisfaction. Very professional.