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Vintage Jewellery

All diamonds listed on our website are authentic, natural diamonds.  We will not deal in man-made diamonds (also known as 'synthetic diamonds' or 'laboratory-grown diamonds' ).  All of our diamonds were created by nature and mined out of the ground.  We will not purchase man-made diamond jewellery (other than for the scrap gold value) and we will not sell man-made diamond jewellery.

Most of the jewellery on our web-site comes complete with a professional appraisal issued by a reputable 3rd-party independent jewellery appraiser in Toronto, giving you 100% assurance that what you are buying is absolutely genuine and authentic.  The jewellery photographs on our website were all shot in-house in our own jewellery photo studio, and they provide a very accurate representation of the items on offer.  Macro photography training was provided by award-winning photographer Darren Scala Opens New Window.

Example Appraisal:

Jewellery Appraisal

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