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Jewellery Photography by Vertolli Jewellers in Barrie Ontario Canada

We own and operate our own macro photography studio for photographing our jewellery and other inventory items.  We received full training and direction from veteran photographer Darren Scala.  All of the photos displayed on this website were made in-house at our downtown Barrie retail store.

Photos of rings are made by shooting 20-30 individual photographs (each with a slightly deeper focus point) and then blending them all together later in postproduction.  This 'stacking' technique allows the entire ring to be presented to you in ultra-sharp focus.  From the precious stone setting to the shoulder to the back of the hoop, everything is clearly visible in our photographs. We strive to take the guess work out of your online shopping experience!

Jewellery Photography by Vertolli Jewellers

If you have any questions about our product photography please don't hesitate to contact us.  Click here for our full contact information..